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Agate Stone: Meaning and Characteristics

Natural stones have been valued by humans for centuries and used for various purposes. These stones are important not only for their aesthetic beauty but also for their energies and symbolism. That's why, at Bonjouk Studio, we take pride in offering you the most precious natural stones. In this article, we will specifically delve into the meaning and characteristics of the agate stone.

What is Agate Stone?

Agate stone is a natural stone that is typically round and flat, with a shiny and translucent surface. It is usually a part of the chalcedony family and is formed by the merging of microscopic crystals. The color range is quite extensive and can include various shades from white to black, and from red to blue.

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The Meaning of Agate Stone

Agate stone holds different meanings in different cultures. In Islamic mythology, agate is considered as the "99 Names of Allah" and is believed to provide energy and protection to the wearer. In ancient Egypt, it was placed in tombs to protect the souls of the departed.

Characteristics of Agate Stone

1. Energy Balancing

Agate stone is known for its ability to balance energy. It brings inner peace and harmony by balancing physical, emotional, and mental energies.

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2. Courage and Strength

This stone is effective in imparting courage and strength. It provides motivation to face challenges and move forward in life.

3. Mental Clarity

Agate stone can enhance mental clarity. By increasing focus, it facilitates the decision-making process.

4. Grounding and Stability

On a physical level, agate stone has grounding properties. It alleviates the stress of daily life and restores inner equilibrium.

5. Healing Energy

It is believed that agate stone possesses healing energies. It may provide relaxation on both a physical and emotional level.

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Agate stone has been valued by humans for thousands of years, and it holds various meanings in different cultures. At Bonjouk Studio, we aim to provide you with this precious stone in the highest quality, with the intention of offering you energy, strength, and balance.

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